I hate that dude now that he’s married. He’s got a baby on the way; poor Sherri. That’s not apropos. He’s not the wretch we know. Chop his family up so we can feed them to the front row. Spike his fifteenth espresso with drugs so he’s convinced it’s a manic delusion to know true love. Be 19 with a joint in hand. Never change the band. Never ever be a …real man.
I love how this is a big fuck you to all the people who want Max to be the same he was 10 years ago. (via fletchyahhh)

I loved you so fiercely that it is impossible for me to ever stop. It was never that I stopped loving you, you just were the first person to make me seriously question is love alone is enough to make a relationship flourish. I questioned that then, and still, I have yet to find the answer. And until I do, all I can do is love you.